Chase Local Brigade

Together, let us lay the foundation for your client’s success

Join Chase Local Brigade to attract a vast number of high paying clients, and then deliver outstanding service and results.


With our rich experience as a Digital Marketing Agency for the Real Estate industry, we know one thing. Campaigns that WE run for our clients find more success. Its why Chase Local Brigade is our partner program that serves agencies first. It's a win, win, win for Chase Local, Our Partners (The Brigade), and their clients.

You earn 25% commission (after taxes), on all deals you bring in to

Why become part of the
Chase Local Brigade?

Take advantage of our proven strategies for lead generation and advertising expertise for realtors.

- Focus on getting recurring clients, extend your engagement with clients beyond the initial project

- Focus your team’s time on making an impact - Offer more competitive services and take on more ambitious projects

When you join Chase Local Brigade, you connect with a committed, supporting community of people who share same goals.

- Access to the experts who have been bringing deals of millions of rupees - Bridge the gaps in knowledge and skills

- Once you are in the Million rupee Club, gain more out of this program- Be listed as a preferred partner for your city on Chase Local Website

Once we take you in the brigade, you are fed with all the right tools and trainings. Then, you are ready to approach your local market and bring in Sales worth millions.

- Access to Chase Local Lab course, that takes you from Zero to Pro in Real Estate Digital Marketing

- Expert training that will upgrade both Digital Marketing Skills and Real Estate Business skills

- Our team can review your activity across your portfolio and provide pro-active reviews and recommendations so that you get the best out of Chase Local Brigade program

The Process

Fill the form below


Once you show your intent, we verify the information shared by you (via the joining request form). Post verification, we’ll meet in person or via video conference to know about your previous accomplishments and future aspirations. Based on how our business dynamics sync, we’ll decide about the enrolment.

There is no separate joining fee for this program. The earnest deposit paid will be billed towards [product name microsite design] & [product name ad accounts set-up] that you’ll have to buy. We create a live account for you to take to the market to bring in new business to

Once you achieve the threshold of One Million Rupees in Business With, you stand to be listed as a preferred partner for your city in the chase local website.

Upon earning One Million Rupees as PURE COMMISSION via, you will start receiving a steady flow of leads for your city. This means you will save all the headache and time to generate fresh leads every now and then.

You’ll receive your commission as a bank transfer within 30 days from when the payment for a specific service is realized at

While this is not a white label program, you are allowed to transact on behalf of your clients and mediate between us & your client till the delivery of the service. We’ll ensure anonymity during the entire process.

There is no threshold for microsite design and ad account set up services.

The threshold of 2 Lac Rupees monthly is applicable for Paid Ads Full Service Management.

There is no financial commitment from our end. We’ll empower you with all the tools and training required to land new clients. It’s your onus to bring them in. We’ll help you with approach and strategy to land a specific type of client on case to case basis.