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Dear Reader,

Have You Been Duped?

If you have purchased any Digital Marketing course in Real Estate niche and not gotten anything out of it, pay very close attention to what I am about to tell you.

Can You Realy Get Rich Quick?

There are many courses in Real Estate online marketing that "claim" to teach you to "Get Rich Quick". They have about 50 hours of video, in 60 different sections making it look like FULL of great stuff. But in reality, there is very little to help you achieve the Goal. It's like buying a Honda City with old Maruti 800 engine underneath. Who wants that?

I have spent thousands of hours and crores of rupees in Real Estate Digital Marketing over the last decade.

  • Tell me if this

    sounds familiar

  • Step 1


    You spend tens of thousands of rupees on an online course

  • Step 2


    You take the course, go through all of the slides or videos, take notes, etc.

  • Step 3


    You feel great about it, you're ready to go and implement

  • Step 4

    Flash Back

    After a few months you look back and think "Oh, I remember very little from that course"

  • Step 5

    New Pitch

    You get a new pitch from the same guy you bought the previous course from

  • Step 6

    Start Over

    Repeat process beginning at first bullet point

What happened?

Why stop your education at the end of the course? That's my main question. We all want to continue improving, why does it have to end? I'm the type of marketer, who wants regular interaction with the people who enrolled in my program. I just don't want to sell a course and leave them.

And that my friend, is all about .

Chase Local Lab.

I want to know how your campaign performance improved, once you use the Conversion Rate Optimization strategies I share. (Episode 1, 2 & 3)

Episode 1

Conversion Rate Optimization

Episode 2

Million Rupee Digital Contracts

Episode 3

Profit Calculating Formulas

I want to hear about it when you sign a Million Rupee Digital Contract with a Big Real Estate Firm for Online marketing of upcoming projects. (Explained in Episode 4 along with a bonus section)

Episode 4

The Lin - Rodnitzky Ratio

Episode 5

Design & Copy Best Practices

I want to see the figures when you optimize your landing page and get high converting leads
(Episode 6 & 7)

Episode 6

Negative Keywords


Brand Keywords

Maybe I am self-interested but that's what drives me. Helping someone like you.

So, I decided to bring you the solution -

Chase Local Lab.

Think of it as a group of students I'm taking under my wing for as long as we decide to ride this train. So, what's the secret to making money online in Real Estate niche that we will discuss in this course?

It is using the data to improve targeting and then making smart offers.

Think of the power you would have if you could sell any Real Estate Project by simply opening up your laptop, working for an hour or less, generating hundreds of high quality leads that actually convert into bookings.

If you have this power, you can charge your clients lakhs of rupees, because your marketing campaigns would make them atleast 10 times more than what it cost them. What kind of firm wouldn't take that deal?

I am selling you the knowledge I have gained, every single day, over and over and over, for the past 10 years. The catch is, you don't do any of the research, you just implement the ideas. You get the filtered version that you need.

My goal is to create a group of Real Estate Digital Marketers, that have their clients in every corner of India.

Please note, the content of this course is not something I give to my friends who ask me "Gopal, how do you do it?"

This is the stuff I give to my clients who are paying me lakhs of rupees per month just to run Ads for them.

Maybe you are a Freelancer running a Digital Marketing Agency, who can't afford my services.

Maybe you're working for Real Estate Developer, doing internet marketing for them, looking to increase your skills.

You've come to the right spot.

What qualifies me to charge 795/- per month?

  • I have done the stuff that most people are too lazy to do.
  • I have spent tens of hours at a stretch to churn the high converting strategies.
  • I have spent countless weekends writing, reading, learning, implementing and growing.

Lately, I have narrowed down my work (outside of projects) to helping people within the Real Estate Community, and I love it.

Being that you landed on this page, I can honestly say that you are a driven individual who wants to succeed in Real Estate Digital Marketing

Let's get started, my friend.

Hit the subscribe button below and you'll have made the first big step

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We will have sessions once in two weeks. You will receive a link on your registered email to attend the live sessions.

Worry not. The recordings of live sessions are available on the learning platform. You can access them anytime.

We will cover all the topics from A to Z, relating to Digital Marketing in Real Estate niche.

We are a real estate marketing outfit. Having said that, our ideas and strategies work across other industries as well. You can consume and implement your learnings to see if it works in your industry (Don’t forget to share your experiences with us 😊)

You can access the topics covered to date, here.

The one-on-one engagement under this program is difficult. We can have a bonus session on the same topic if members have queries that need answers. It will be a group session.

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"My first Million Rupee Contract + Commission"

The contract I submitted to the Realtor in my city has now approved it! I have landed my first Million Rupee contract and will also earn a commission from sales.

Thanks Gopal! I just implemented the strategies you explained in the course and they are so effective!

"Over 15 sales made"

The Ad sets we launched for the builder last week has generated over 15 sales so far. Putting over 10 lakhs in my pocket from that one campaign.

"Your course is definitely #1"

My Digital Marketing skills aren't bad, so I know what to look for in a Digital Marketer. And the moment I started your course, I was completely mesmerized by it and started implementing your ways. It's changed my business and life. The Realtors are sharing my number with their business partners. Thanks for providing tons of value in your course.