paid ads account setup

With our years of expertise and knowledge in Real Estate Digital Marketing, we ensure your time is saved and get the best return for your money. With Chase Local, your Paid Ads account is set up thoroughly so that:

  • Searches trigger the Ads only relevant to your project
  • Make Google love you which in return results in lower prices
  • Keep you organized and, say good-bye to the results that don’t meet your goals

Our Process

Pad ad account setup

Please note the process won't begin unless the Microsite is ready/already available.

What Do We Offer ?

Relevant Keywords

Relevant Keywords

Rather than relying on instincts, we conduct thorough keyword research and spend time refining your keyword strategy over time. At Chase Local, we hunt for the keywords that drive sales – not just traffic.

Accurate Targeting

Accurate Targeting
(Location & Audience)

Can’t stress enough on the importance of Location in Real Estate business. We hit the bull’s eye when it comes to designing your campaign that is seen only by those in a particular radius of the city.

Ad Copy

Ad Copy

While getting your Ad in front of the right eyeballs is only half the job done, we let you have a persuasive Ad copy that nails the icy cold leads into fiery hot prospects.

Bidding Strategy

Bidding Strategy

With multiple bidding strategies available, digital marketers often adapt the wrong combination that will make the clients pay more. We do the exact opposite – Place a solid strategy for bidding, drive the clients cost down, all keeping in mind “Where you are today” and “Where you want to be in a month”

must-have Ad extensions

Ad extensions


There are so many Ad extensions available, with new ones popping up all the time! But, we know the right ones for your account that will power a direct path to conversion and improve the Quality Score by raising CTR. We don’t launch the Ads without extensions!

must-have AD Platforms

AD Platforms


Sure, Google Ads is the market leader. But there are more ways to reach a relevant audience! With our tried and tested strategies on Taboola, FB Ads, Bing, Yahoo “let’s go in and milk these platforms to generate even more leads!”

must-have Remarketing



Remarketing gives you a chance to reach out to customers who have been your previous visitors. We help you build a remarketing strategy to stay engaged with your microsite visitors & to increase conversions.

Campaign Optimization

Campaign Optimization

Your users don't want to get tired, seeing your Ads all over. You also want the Ads to reach the target audience it is meant for. We, at Chase Local, balance your campaign by keeping the costs low and get you the best results. Our years of experience has taught us the perfect recipe to optimize your campaign.




Best Plan



Google Ads Campaign
Identify Relevant Keywords
Logical Grouping of Keywords
Appropriate AD Network Selection
Accurate Targeting (Location)
Accurate Targeting (Audience)
Bidding Strategy
AD Extensions
Device Preferences
Optimized AD Group Cretaion
Customized AD Copy
Other Platforms
Facebook & Instagram    
Times Internet        
Others (On Request)            
Campaign SetUp            
Campaign Optimization
Monthly Optimization

*All Costing includes 18% GST
*Pricing table includes cost for Account SetUp & Optimization only.
*AD Spend will be separate
*Above Price valid for Monthly AD Spend upto 2 Lacs Only
*Get in Touch with Us incase if your monthly ad spend exceeds 2 Lacs (link to paid ads fullservice management page


Yes. We will watch for optimization for up to 15 days from campaign set-up date on case to case basis.

Google & Facebook. We also have thorough experience of setting up and executing campaigns in Bing, Yahoo Gemini, Taboola, Outbrain, InMobi, Columbia Online, LinkedIn & other AD Networks.

No. There will be continuous improvement. At Chase Local, we run at least 25 – 30 experiments on our microsites every month. The ones that show positive results get adapted to all our clients’ microsites immediately. And yes, we do not charge for these updates.

In most of the cases, we set the goal as conversion since Facebook responds very well to custom conversion campaigns. Upon special request, we can set-up a campaign with lead generation goal as well.

Remarketing campaigns will be set-up on the search and social media ad platforms.

We cover all aspects that lead to lesser spend and higher quality lead generation. Demographics, Gender, Household Income, Audience, Location, Keywords (new & negative), Ad Copy, Ad Extensions, Budget, Bidding Strategy, Devices are a few of the many aspects that will be monitored and optimized.

Commitment Guarantee

1) We value your time. PERIOD!

We know that in Real Estate Business time isn’t just money – it’s everything. Our processes are so efficient that we back our Projects with Money back guarantee. It applies even if we miss the deadline by just one day.

2) If you’re not satisfied, we’re not satisfied.

Our clients come to us expecting better results. Prove to us your numbers have dipped post engaging with us, we don't charge you a dime. No Ifs and No Buts. We can’t take your money if our work has not helped you.



We hired Chase Local because we needed significant improvement with Ad account setup. We were not able to accomplish this internally. Chase Local did a great job of optimizing our Ad spend, did a thorough analysis of the data. They went out of their way to help me save money with amazing bidding strategies and accurate targeting.

The way they structure the whole Ad account at Chase local is amazing. What impressed me more was their knowledge with setting up Ad accounts not only with Google but also with Facebook, Bing, Taboola. Their tireless efforts & research that went in to find the relevant keywords was incredible. I always felt that Chase Local experts cared about our project. Don't hesitate to hire them!