Microsite Design

We understand the purpose of having a microsite in Real Estate Business. It isn't a mere brochure anymore. The microsite we design, provide all the valuable information in exchange for the contact information.

It will have short and direct images, videos of your Real Estate Projects. We will also incorporate tools that give our audience all the options to act NOW. Our team has the experience to build superior, high converting microsites with the highest standards.

Our Process

Our Process

Please note that process won't begin unless we receive all collaterals required for Microsite Creation.

What Do We Offer ?

responsive design

Responsive Design

Your microsite is built for generating conversions on any screen size, browser type, Desktop, Laptop or Mobile.

google account

Google Account Integrations

Stay ahead of your competitors by tracking the data in real-time. We let you integrate all the Google accounts such as Analytics, Web Toolkit, Search Console & other key tools into your microsite that gets you valuable insight into your campaign.

social media

Social Media Account Integrations

By integrating Social Media Ad Accounts on the microsite, we let you have all data across different platforms at one place to help you calculate ROI efficiently.

Native ad Accounts

Native Ad Account Integrations

While Native Ads bridge the gap that exists between ‘Creating the content’ and ‘Getting that content in front of right eyeballs’, they need monitoring of Cost Per Conversion, Conversion Rate, and other metrics. Microsites designed by us come in handy with Native Ad Account integrations that help you keep track of the Native Ad campaigns and make informed decisions on Ad spends.

Conversion Tracking Setup

Conversion Tracking Setup

See which keywords, ads, ad groups, campaigns are best at keeping the buyers engaged. When Conversion Tracking setup is integrated on the microsite, Understand your return on investment (ROI) and make informed decisions about your ad spend.

must-have Social Proof

Social Proof


Nothing beats the strong statement made by honest feedback on the microsite from people showing interest in your project. Prospects see the honest perspective of other people who have already done what you're trying to get them to do (i.e. arouse interest to buy themselves a house) and it makes your claims seem more real.

must-have SMS OTP Integration

SMS OTP Integration


It’s more important than you think. Used to authenticate and verify leads, SMS OTP integration on the microsite ensures you have a track of the secure (and genuine) lead flow.

must-have Cloud Telephony

Cloud Telephony


Calling is the backbone of every sales process and any inefficiency in this function may result in lost opportunities. With Cloud Telephony integration on your microsite, keep a close eye on the quality of Leads.

Check Out Our Microsite Work

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*The option with Cloud Telephony cannot be express delivered
*All Costing includes 18% GST
*All Products, Services & Support calculated for One Year. Renewal at nominal cost.


A microsite is an enhanced version of a landing page. When a visitor is on a Microsite, It gives him many opportunities to engage with your business.

No. Creating a Microsite is different from running paid ad campaigns on Microsite. If you run an optimized ad campaign on Microsite, there will always be consistent, high-quality lead flow.

No. There will be continuous improvement. At Chase Local, we run at least 25 – 30 experiments on our microsites every month. The ones that show positive results get adapted to all our clients’ microsites immediately. And yes, we do not charge for these updates.

No. We suggest that you create separate microsites for different projects. A visitor may get distracted with choices of several projects. With more than required information on Microsite, the visitor may drive away from taking action.

Yes. But only upon special requests, after a thorough understanding of the requirement.

Commitment Guarantee

1) We value your time. PERIOD!

We know that in Real Estate Business time isn’t just money – it’s everything. Our processes are so efficient that we back our Projects with Money back guarantee. It applies even if we miss the deadline by just one day.

2) If you’re not satisfied, we’re not satisfied.

Our clients come to us expecting better results. Prove that your numbers have dipped post engaging with us, we don't charge you a dime. No Ifs and No Buts. We can’t take your money if our work has not helped you.



We have picked up several leads that we will be closing this month. We owe much of that to the guys at Chase Local and their tireless efforts to improve our Ad campaigns. We asked them to do everything for us from designing a Microsite to setting up the Ad campaign. Their experts are true professionals. Easy to work with A+ experience.

Chase Local has been our virtual marketing team. These guys designed the campaign for our latest project and when it took off, we were able to achieve our objectives in less than half the time! They have been a valuable resource for our organization when it’s hard to find someone who knows our Real Estate business AND Digital Marketing platitude.