Here is the formula

To stay on top of the Digital Marketing game While spending on Ads for your next Real Estate Project.

Display your Ads first

Display your Ads first, for the audience who are already willing to buy

Display your Ads first, for the audience who are already willing to buy, with the lowest possible money spent

To make high ticket sales in Real Estate, you must be in front of the buyers’ eyes & on top of their minds. Thus, we implemented this formula, improvised it, re-implemented it for years together and finally Chased the Success we absolutely wanted to taste.

An Ideal Prospect's
An ideal prospect's journey
An Ideal Prospect's
Who Am I ?

I'm Gopal Iyer.

An epistemophilic An epistemophilic

Husband to an Entrepreneur Wife.

An Avid Reader & Listener.

Started as a Tele Sales Manager in Real Estate.

Moved on to Frontline Sales and then to Marketing.

Lifelong Learner of Digital Marketing Strategies.

I Live By:" Doing is More Important Than Succeeding".

What's in it for you ?
What Do We do?
Digital Marketing


At Chase Local, we've identified Two Pillars. that support & strengthen your digital marketing campaigns.they are Interaction Rate & Conversion Rate.


Interaction Rate

Poor campaign performance can be tied to either or both metrics a healthy Interaction Rate means you pay less cost per click that will help you generate a low cost per lead.

generate More Leads

More Leads

An above average conversion rate gets you more leads for the money you spend online At Chase Local, we strive to help you keep your costs low and generate more leads against your ad spend.

10 Reasons To Choose Us


An average digital marketing agency might have 10,000 hours of Real Estate Marketing Experience we have 70,000+ hours of Real Estate Marketing Experience.


We believe in designing for function (use) and not for aesthetics (beauty). Our Work


We are a bunch of curious, "why not" people. We like complex situations and the entire process of untangling the mess.


There's no beating around the bush with us. We've been doing this long enough to know what works & what doesn't So you're in for some straight talk.


Our end goal is tied to your end goal (results)


We value your time. So it's either on-time delivery or we do it for free.


Our clients come to us expecting better results If you prove your numbers have dipped post engaging with us we don't charge you a dime.


In this fast-paced environment, not much gets accomplished without automation. We constantly experiment & adopt new technology so you never feel outdated.


There are about 20000+ digital marketing agencies & freelancers in india , I doubt anyone does Real Estate Marketing better than us.


Our only incentive is to get your positive feedback.

Our Values